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Beauty Review

Right. So I’m new to having my own blog so I thought that I would do a large review of some of my make-up collection to see how people react. This may be something that I continue to do or that I forfeit depending on the amount of interest. Hopefully I can share both my good and my back experiences of certain well known products and perhaps recommend some that will do you good. I’ll be starting tonight and hopefully¬†I’ll have finished by the end of the week where I’ll decide if I’ll continue or not.



Hello people of worldpress,

I have never created a blog before and as you’re reading this first line you’re probably exiting my page as you can’t bare to read another newbie post. If that’s the case feel free, I’m just your ordinary 19 year old girl who attends a university, rows and has a wonderful family and boyfriend. However, despite all of these things I’m also incredibly unlucky, meaning that if anything can go wrong in my day, chances are that it will. Despite my ranting and my incredibly unlucky nature, it seems to make my friends laugh so it can’t all be bad.

This blog will consist of my daily life, product testing (beauty, hair and so on), TV shows and basically any thing that I fancy rambling on about.

Anyway, moving on from the rambling, I’ll get down to the point of this blog, it’s simply to allow myself some kind of release, I feel that when I complain I’m being selfish or rude… so I thought that I would simply complain to the internet as it is therapeutic. Nevertheless, if people read it or not I will continue to rant and complain about my days to the internet as it seems more sane than moaning to myself about it.