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Vaseline hand cream review

This is such a lovely product that leaves your hand soft and smelling lovely. It states on the cream that it leaves hands ‘healthy and with stronger nails’, however, I am yet to see these changes. I have been using the cream before bed for about a week now and I don’t see any visible change in my hands or nails, but it does leave them smelling like roses. I tend to use the moisturiser at night because as more hand creams, it leaves my hands feeling a little greasy.

Overall, if you love the smell of roses, I would definitely recommend this product.


No7 hand saviour review

I didn’t actually purchase this hand cream I got given it by my grandmother as she was worried about my hands. To explain this, I have been rowing for the last 7 years, 5 times a week and this sometimes leaves my hands very blistered and rough. This product isn’t just for people with rough hands, but it definitely works on all types of hands. You simply put a bit on and it comes out in a yellow, sandy, oily cream which you rub all over your hands and wash them under warm water then pat them dry. It leaves your hands perfectly soft and fresh. I would certainly recommend this product.

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