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Vaseline hand cream review

This is such a lovely product that leaves your hand soft and smelling lovely. It states on the cream that it leaves hands ‘healthy and with stronger nails’, however, I am yet to see these changes. I have been using the cream before bed for about a week now and I don’t see any visible change in my hands or nails, but it does leave them smelling like roses. I tend to use the moisturiser at night because as more hand creams, it leaves my hands feeling a little greasy.

Overall, if you love the smell of roses, I would definitely recommend this product.


Daily Clean

This is amazing! Firstly, as a student I rarely buy from the No7 beauty range as they are rather expensive, however I got a voucher for £5 off from boots and as this only cost a total of £8, I managed to pick it up for £3 and I’ll definitely buy it again. I use this as a moisturiser whenever my face is feeling a little rough, I apply it every night and every time before and after I wear make-up. You simply put it on your fingers and apply to the face, it can go over eyes to remove eye make-up, then you get a cotton pad and wipe it off effortlessly. It leaves you face feeling soft to the touch and fresh. I would definitely recommend this and at only £8 it’s a bargain!

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I went into Superdrug about two weeks ago in NEED of something to ease my spots. Everyone goes through outbreaks, it’s just something that happens, however, mine happened to be red, lumps and sore so I searched the isles and found ‘witch anti-blemish redness relief moisturiser’. I must recommend this as almost instantly it stopped the throbbing and soothed my skin. Everyone that knows anything about spots will know that witch hazel is a God sent, and witch contains plenty. You simply place a little blob to the directed area and rub it in, it starts out a bright green colour which was a little scary at first, but then it changes to neutral as you rub it in. The green in the cream makes the redness go down immediately.

The only problem that I could find with this cream is that it left the area shiny, which as well all know when we have spots, we want to hide them, not draw attention to them shining on our faces. However, I solved this easily by using it overnight then wiping my face in the morning with cleansing wipes.

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