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No7 hand saviour review

I didn’t actually purchase this hand cream I got given it by my grandmother as she was worried about my hands. To explain this, I have been rowing for the last 7 years, 5 times a week and this sometimes leaves my hands very blistered and rough. This product isn’t just for people with rough hands, but it definitely works on all types of hands. You simply put a bit on and it comes out in a yellow, sandy, oily cream which you rub all over your hands and wash them under warm water then pat them dry. It leaves your hands perfectly soft and fresh. I would certainly recommend this product.

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Daily Clean

This is amazing! Firstly, as a student I rarely buy from the No7 beauty range as they are rather expensive, however I got a voucher for £5 off from boots and as this only cost a total of £8, I managed to pick it up for £3 and I’ll definitely buy it again. I use this as a moisturiser whenever my face is feeling a little rough, I apply it every night and every time before and after I wear make-up. You simply put it on your fingers and apply to the face, it can go over eyes to remove eye make-up, then you get a cotton pad and wipe it off effortlessly. It leaves you face feeling soft to the touch and fresh. I would definitely recommend this and at only £8 it’s a bargain!

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Beauty Review

Right. So I’m new to having my own blog so I thought that I would do a large review of some of my make-up collection to see how people react. This may be something that I continue to do or that I forfeit depending on the amount of interest. Hopefully I can share both my good and my back experiences of certain well known products and perhaps recommend some that will do you good. I’ll be starting tonight and hopefully I’ll have finished by the end of the week where I’ll decide if I’ll continue or not.